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August 26, 2019

I was one of the four men who began Sovereign Grace Ministries (now Sovereign Grace Churhces, Inc.) in 1982.  I served on its Board of Directors for next 25 years.  I left SGM as a matter of conscience in 2009 having spent ten years trying to bring about internal reform of an ethical nature.  Soon after my departure, I began to write a set of documents for C.J. Mahaney that I hoped would bring about godly change.  That effort failed.   

As a result, it was necessary to send those documents to the SGM pastors in July 2011.  Though never my goal, the hard evidence contained in those documents contributed to the departure of approximately 40 churches, 100 pastors and 12,000 people in SGM churches.  Despite this reality, the leadership of SGM has never acknowledged any of the sinful wrongdoing brought to its attention by this vast array of pastors and former members.         

In October 2012, a civil lawsuit was brought against SGM and other parties alleging a conspiracy to commit and cover up the sexual abuse of children.  It was expanded in January 2013 and again in May 2013. Unfortunately, the lawsuit was dismissed by a Maryland judge on technicalities but not on its merits.  As a result, the allegations of fact in the lawsuit have never been argued in a civil court or tried in a criminal court. 

Major leaders throughout the Body of Christ have asked Sovereign Grace Churches to do an independent investigation but C.J. Mahaney and the Leadership Team have adamantly refused.  As a result, relationships have been severed and four prominent SC churches published letters reproving the Leadership Team for their refusal and arrogance.   

I was a church planter, pastor and teacher for 30 years.  I gave up those wonderful callings ten years ago in order to address the growing corruption in Sovereign Grace Ministires and elsewhere in the Body of Christ that has harmed the gospel and injured many souls.  I am a conservative evangelical.  I want to see the Church prosper but that cannot happen unless her leaders are above reproach and held to that standard.  It is not enough to teach sound doctrine.  It must be backed up by sound living.

Therefore, I've held Sovereign Grace Churches accountable, written about lessons to be learned, worked for criminal justice, sought reform in the Body of Christ, informed the national press of newsworthy stories, and cared for those who have been harmed including victims of child abuse and rape.  These endeavors have been my full-time work the past decade.

Now, I'd like to return to pastoral ministry.  My resume is below.  Established churches or groups of people interested in planting a church, should feel free to contact me.  I plan to cut back on my blogging or bring it to a close.  I'd love to begin caring for souls and teaching God's word in the context of a local church again.

Lord willing, I will write a book in my lifetime titled No Time for Silence.  It will be a condensed version of the story I have told over the past ten years in thousands of pages.  As stated in my tagline, I’ve been helping Christians to judge righteously, think biblically and live courageously.  

I am not an entrepreneur, businessman or marketing guru.  I don’t have a fancy website or a slick campaign for raising funds.  All I can do is faithfully follow Jesus Christ as best I know how and ask for your help.  


You can assist these efforts by financially supporting me via PayPal.    


Your support is deeply appreciated however small or great.  Whether one time or on-going.  All gifts and contributions are kept strictly confidential.




A. Brent Detwiler
Davidson, NC (c): 704.497.7986 
Summary of Qualifications
~ Strong organizational skills – effective planner, administrator, & manager.
~ Excellent communication skills – proven writer, teacher, & preacher.
~ Commendable character – reliable, honest, & trustworthy leader.
~ Good interpersonal skills – caring, concerned & compassionate pastor & advocate.
Professional Experience

Survivors of Abuse / Davidson, NC
Advocate & Blogger/ October 2013-Present
~ Provide care, counsel and encouragement to victims and their families.
~ Work with law enforcement in making cases against perpetrators.
~ Work with national press and media on newsworthy stories about abuse.
~ Blog at in effort to educate the Church & expose abusers and those who cover up their abuse. 
Aletheia Ministries / Davidson, NC 
President / October 2010-Present
~Church consultant, speaker, and writer. 
Grace Community Church / Mooresville, NC
Senior Pastor / March 2008-July 2009
~Founded and led new church plant.
CrossWay Community Church / Charlotte, NC
Founder – Senior Pastor / June 1991-January 2002
~ Led church and staff from 1991-2002.
~ Grew to 600 average attendance.
~ Led process in acquisition of 21.4 acres of prime property at 6400 Prosperity Church Road in Charlotte, NC in 1997.  Directed fundraising, programming, design, and building of 33,000 square foot, 3.85-million-dollar facility completed in 2002.
Sovereign Grace Ministries / Gaithersburg, MD
Board of Director / August 1982-November 2007
~ Helped start this family of churches and served on its Board of Directors for 25 years.
~ Grew ministry from several hundred people in two churches to 30,000 people in 64 US churches and 24 nations with an 8.0 million budget.
~ Oversaw 23 of the churches and their pastors as Regional Director for the southeast.
~ Directed international ventures and outreach in Asia and the Caribbean.
~ Managed the extensive Master Calendar of Events for the entire organization. 
~ Planned and help lead approximately 100 large conferences often with 1,000 to 2,000 people in attendance.
~ Writer and Associate Editor for Sovereign Grace Magazine.
~ Founded the Pastors College for training new and existing pastors.
~ Taught Systematic Theology and other courses in the Pastors College for two decades.
Lord of Life Church / Indiana PA
Founding Pastor / March 1980-July 1982
~ Led and established this new church as its first pastor.
~ Grew to 200 average attendance. 
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship / Indiana, PA
Campus Minister at Indiana University of Pennsylvania / June 1979- August 1980
~ Began, led and established this campus ministry.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Indiana, PA / December 1976
Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Anaheim Christian Theological Seminary / Anaheim, CA / June 1979
Master of Divinity
Classes & Certifications
~ Computer Empowerment Course, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College – December 2010
~ Computer Applications Course, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College – December 2010