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Gary Ricucci & the Conspiracy Surrounding Convicted Felon, David Adams

Gary Ricucci is a Defendant in the Second Amended Complaint of the class action lawsuit against Sovereign Grace Ministries and Covenant Life Church and is an alleged co-conspirator in aiding and abetting sex offenders.  He works with C.J. Mahaney in Louisville, Kentucky.  His biography appears on the church’s website.  

“Drawing on over 35 years of pastoral experience, Gary serves Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville primarily through pastoral care.  In his day job he serves as Director of Student Care for the pastor for the men and families in the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College.  He is married to Betsy and they have two daughters, two sons and four grandchildren.  Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville is the second church Gary has planted with C.J.” 

Ricucci has been around since the beginning.  The first church he “planted with C.J.” is a reference to Covenant Life Church (CLC) in 1977 though he and C.J. did not plant it alone.  Larry Tomczak, C.J. and a group of men planted it together. 

Mahaney fled the accountability of CLC in August 2010.  Ricucci followed his example and left in October 2010.  Ricucci went to Solid Rock Church with John Loftness where Mahaney later joined them in January 2012.  These three men, along with Grant Layman, are the four alleged co-conspirators who worked together in order to protect pedophiles and sex offenders operating at Covenant Life Church.  Loftness is also alleged to be a sex offender and Ricucci is alleged to have assisted Loftness and Stephen Griney in carrying out their alleged crimes.    

The Pastors College for Sovereign Grace Ministries is based in Mahaney’s church.  Ricucci is the Director of Student Care.  That is his full time day job for which he is salaried.  There are nine students in the college[i] comprised of one single and eight marrieds.  Altogether the group is the size of your typical home group.  

Ricucci is Mahaney’s brother in law.  He is married to C.J.’s sister, Betsy.  C.J. has surrounded himself with family and friends who have a long history of enabling him.  That includes his son-in-law, Brian Chesemore, who is married to his daughter, Kristin; Bob Kauflin and Jeff Purswell.  Mahaney, Ricucci, Chesemore, Kauflin, and Purswell are the five elders/pastors at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

In this post, I’m primarily addressing the conspiracy surrounding convicted felon,  David Adams, but the reader should also be aware Defendant Ricucci is named as a co-conspirator in relation to alleged abusers John Loftness (Complaint 90), Stephen Griney (Complaint 90), the teenager who assaulted Plaintiff Renee Palmer Gamby (Complaints 94-106) and Charlie Llewellyn (Complaints 152-161). 

Victim:  Dara [Adams] Sutherland’s Sister
Complaints:  40-55 
Timeframe:  1983/1986
Age: 11/14
Convicted Abuser:  David Adams
Alleged Conspirators:  Dave Mays, Gary Ricucci, John Loftness 

Complaint 40  

”The Individual Defendants’ cover-up regarding molestation by David Adams caused and continues to cause direct harm to Plaintiff Dara [Adams] Sutherland and to the class.” 


Dara Sutherland is one of the three original Plaintiffs in the initial filing of the lawsuit on October 17, 2013.  She used the pseudonym Robin Roe until the Second Amended Complaint (SAC) when she dropped it in order to press home her factual allegations by revealing her identity.  

Dara Sutherland was not abused by David Adams.  She is representing her older sister who was abused and is not named. 

Complaint 41  

“On or about November 2, 1987, the [legally adopted] daughter of David Adams [Dara’s sister] disclosed to her mother, Peggy, that her father [by adoption] had been sexually molesting her from age 11 (1983) until age 14 (1986).  Among other abuses, David Adams was going into the daughter’s bedroom and performing oral sex and penetrating her digitally [i.e., fingering the vagina].” 


The wording in this Complaint is hard to follow for an outsider.  My explanatory comments are in brackets [ ].  Dara and her older sister were legally adopted by David Adams.  He became their father.  Their natural mother’s name is Peggy. 

Complaint 42  

“At that time, Plaintiff Dara [Adams] Sutherland, another [natural] daughter of Peggy, was also living in the home with David Adams, the adoptive father.  (The molested daughter [Dara’s older sister] remains psychologically disabled from the assaults.)” 


Sexual assaults of this nature can “psychologically disable” for life especially when compounded by the betrayal, conspiracy, and spiritual abuse that followed.  Though not sexually abused, that is what “cause[d] direct harm to Plaintiff Dara [Adams] Sutherland” (C40).      

Complaint 43  

“On or about November 2, 1987, Peggy reported David Adams’ sexual assaults on her daughter [Dara’s sister] to Church leader Dave Mays, who in turn immediately reported the abuse to Defendant Ricucci, and later reported the abuse to Defendant Loftness.” 


Dave Mays reported the abuse to Ricucci and Loftness who would have reported it to Defendant Mahaney since he was the senior pastor and a friend of David Adams.  I hope Dave Mays is fully cooperating with law enforcement and not part of the alleged cover up. 

Complaint 44  

“Beginning in November 1987 and continuing to present, Defendant Loftness conspired with David Adams and the other Defendants to prevent the police from learning about David Adams’ prior molestation of Plaintiff James Roberts.” 


This allegation of fact is critical.  It means David Adams molested James Roberts before he molested his adopted daughter and this was known to Loftness and Ricucci who purposely misled the police in order to help Adam’s avoid detection.  If true, they have obstructed justice and committed a serious crime.     

But this allegation of fact means even more!  According to Peggy Adams (the mother) and Dara Adams Sutherland (the younger sister), Loftness and Ricucci never told them David Adams (their husband and father) already sexually assaulted Plaintiff James Roberts before he assaulted Peggy’s other daughter and Dara’s older sister!  

Here are their statements which appeared on SGMSuvivors. 

Peggy Adams
ExClcer’s Mom  #70
June 9th, 2013 at 9:22 pm 

What I know is truth is that DA [David Adams] served time in jail for molesting his adopted daughter, my oldest child.  The first I ever heard of these other allegations [about James Roberts] was in the [Second] Amended Lawsuit.  This information had been kept from me previous to the most recent publicity [May 14, 2013 when filed].  Had I had this information [about Roberts’s alleged molestation] when it occurred, my child would not have been available for DA to molest.  I cannot even express the anger and grief I feel, knowing those men kept such things secret, that allowed that man to continue in his sin.  Thank you, for your prayers.  My family truly needs God’s healing, as do the other victims of these vile acts.  It is like living a dark, evil nightmare.  I am so thankful that Jesus wins at the end.  I look to Him. 

Sara [Adams] Sutherland
exCLCer  #466
May 20th, 2013 at 6:06 pm 

Yes, DA [David Adams] did own and play a banjo, and a guitar, and would take them periodically to church at Einstein High School (a school somewhere near Wheaton with big light blue arches over the entrance) in a black carrying case with silver latches on it.  This is why as soon as I read that revelation [in the Second Amended Complaint] of the former abuse of another child [Plaintiff James Roberts] I knew right away it had to be accurate.  My mother (and the rest of my family) had absolutely no idea and was never told about the incident.  We only just found out about this as well when the case was amended [on May 14, 2013].  

This is further confirmed in Complaints 32-35. 

Victim:  James Roberts
Complaints:  32-35
Location:  Covenant Life Church Premises
Timeframe:  1982/1984
Age:  8/10
Alleged Abuser:  David Adams
Alleged Conspirators:  John Loftness, David Adams & Other Defendants 

32.  In 1982/1984 timeframe, Plaintiff James Roberts was sexually molested by David Adams on the CLC premises.  David Adams was playing the banjo in the lobby, and Plaintiff Roberts, a child attending church and Children’s Ministry, wandered out to listen.  David Adams isolated Plaintiff Roberts, had him sit on his knee, and began to rub his hands over Plaintiff Roberts’ penis while telling Plaintiff Roberts “what a good boy [he] was.”  David Adams tried to push his hands up Plaintiff Roberts’ shorts, and Plaintiff Roberts pushed him off and escaped. 

33.  During the 1982/1984 timeframe, Plaintiff Roberts knew Defendant Loftness as the principal of the School.  Some time after the molestation, Plaintiff Roberts approached Defendant Loftness and told him that David Adams had molested him.  Defendant Loftness directed Plaintiff Roberts, an elementary school child, to re-enact the molestation. 


Asking James Roberts to re-enact the molestation sounds perverted.  Did Loftness have Roberts “sit on his knee” so he could “rub his hands over [his] penis”?  The lawyers know.  Remember, Defendant Loftness physically and sexually abused Roberts’ little sister, Plaintiff Jessica Roberts-Thomas from 1983-1988 on at least five different occasions according to Complaints 86-93.     

34.  From the date of this report to present, Defendant Loftness failed to inform Plaintiff Roberts’ parents of the molestation.  Nor did Defendant Loftness abide by his mandatory reporting obligations to report the molestation or take any steps whatsoever to prevent David Adams from having access to children for abusive purposes.  Instead, Defendant Loftness required Plaintiff Roberts, a child, to attend a meeting with himself and David Adams.  Plaintiff Roberts was directed by Defendant Loftness, the principal of his school, to “forgive” Adams for the molestation. 


This allegation lays out the extent to which Loftness was determined to cover up the abuse of James Roberts.  Not only did he fail to report these alleged crimes to law enforcement, he failed to tell James’ parents, Jim and Ann Roberts, that their child had been molested.  If true, this unwillingness to involve the parents is wicked beyond belief and proves a sinister motivation.  How can Loftness as the school principal and a church pastor not tell parents about the sexual molestation of their child on church grounds?   

It gets worse.  Loftness “required” Roberts to attend a meeting with the alleged abuser, David Adams, and himself.  Roberts was 8-10 years old.  Loftness “directed” Roberts to “forgive” Adams for the alleged molestation.  This can only be understood as an evil attempt to contain the episode and silence the little boy.  

This meeting traumatized James Roberts according to Complaint 36 which deals with his subsequent abuse by Nathaniel Morales.  “Plaintiff Roberts escaped but did not initially report the molestation because he feared being forced to sit and ‘reconcile’ and ‘forgive’ Morales for the molestation.” 

35.  From 1982/1984 to the present, Defendant Loftness conspired with David Adams and the other Defendants to cover up David Adams’ pedophilia.  As a result of the conspiracy, David Adams had access to and did molest other children, including his daughter, which is discussed below. 


The Plaintiffs’ lawyers assert that David Adams molested James Roberts, his adopted daughter and “other children.”  They are not telling us everything they know. 

It is also important to note that David Adams did not tell his wife or daughters about his previous molestation of James Roberts according to the account.  He has concealed it from them for 30 years.  Adams got out of jail in 1990.  A long custody battle and divorce settlement ensued.  Adams never came clean during this period when he claimed to be so repentant.  He did not confess and he did nothing to reconcile with James Roberts.  He deceitfully covered up his alleged crime.  If proven, he should be going back to jail.  

If the allegations above are true then the molestation of Peggy’s daughter and Dara’s sister was altogether avoidable which means Loftness and Ricucci are guilty of criminal neglect.  Therefore, it is no wonder that “continuing to present…[they try] to prevent the police from learning about David Adams’ prior molestation of Plaintiff James Roberts.”  The reason for this effort is obvious.  As Peggy Adams stated,  “Had I had this information when it occurred, my child would not have been available for DA to molest.”  

It is altogether right for Peggy Adams to say, “I cannot even express the anger and grief I feel, knowing those men [Loftness, Ricucci, et al.] kept such things secret, that allowed that man [David Adams] to continue in his sin.”  Holy indignation and righteous anger are the proper biblical response.  

Notice also her inexpressible grief.  Why?  Her “psychologically disabled” daughter would be well today if Peggy had been told about the alleged abuse of James Roberts by her husband.  She would have protected her daughter. 

 Complaint 45 

“In 1987, Defendants conspired to cover up David Adams’ pedophilia, and conspired to violate their mandatory reporting obligations.  Acting through Defendant Ricucci, they directed Peggy to let them ‘take care of everything.’” 


We know for a fact that Defendants Mahaney, Loftness, Ricucci, and Layman did not report David Adams or Nathaniel Morales to law enforcement.  That is a criminal offense.

Complaint 46  

“Defendant Ricucci never told Peggy about David Adams’ abuse of Plaintiff Roberts.  Indeed, when Peggy referred to David Adams as a pedophile, Defendant Ricucci objected, insisting the label did not apply to David Adams.  When Peggy replied that she was [had] received letters from the police department referencing pedophilia, Defendant Ricucci looked the word up in the dictionary, and then told her that Adams was not a pedophile because he was not attracted to his 11-year old daughter but rather to the ‘woman’ she ‘was becoming.’” 


This allegation of fact asserts Defendant Ricucci knew about David Adam’s abuse of Plaintiff James Roberts.  According to Complaint 32, Roberts was sexually molested by Adams when he wandered out of Children’s Ministry on a Sunday morning at CLC between 1982-1984.  He was 8-10 years old.  That constitutes pedophilia.     

According to this account, Ricucci “objected” and “insisted” Adams was not a pedophile but that was an outrageous lie if Ricucci knew about the abuse of James Roberts by David Adams as alleged.  That means Ricucci purposefully concealed the pedophilia of her husband from Peggy according to the account.  He mislead her because he didn’t want Peggy to inform law enforcement which would have led to a much wider police investigation that could have busted up the pedophilic ring of which Ricucci had knowledge according to the Second Amended Complaint

Ricucci also waters down the 3 plus years of “performing oral sex and penetrating her digitally…among other abuses” when he allegedly says David Adams was simply “attracted…to the ‘woman’ she ‘was becoming.’”    

Complaint 47 

“In November 1987, rather than assisting the victims, Defendants retained and paid for a lawyer for David Adams.” 


This is another serious allegation.  Using church funds for this purpose is illegal especially if used to defend a known sex abuser.  If true, the Covenant Life pastors not only paid for a lawyer, they retained a lawyer to help David Adams.  That’s a big bill and another proof of Mahaney’s involvement.  Loftness and Ricucci would never make this kind of arrangement without Mahaney’s approval.  And of course, the Plaintiffs’ lawyers would never assert this allegation of fact if they could not prove it.  They must have invoices, receipts, or affidavits in their possession.   

Complaint 48  

“Defendants interposed themselves between law enforcement authorities and the family members, and falsely claimed that they were acting on the family’s behalf.  Defendants even suggested to Peggy that she send her molested daughter away in order to ‘bring’ Adams home as ‘head of the household.’”


According to several allegations of fact, Loftness, Ricucci, et al., frequently impeded police investigations.  This provides another example if true.  

The sexual abuse of Peggy’s daughter was grounds for divorce and the counsel provided by the Defendants was damnable.  You don’t send the “molested daughter away.”  She needs the support of her mother, sister and church.  You send the molester away and preferable to jail for a long time. Loftness, Ricucci and other Defendants took up the cause of the abuser while devastating the victims.    

Complaint 49  

“Defendants took steps to prevent Dara Sutherland, then aged 12, from alerting others in the church community about her father’s sexual predation.  After Dara confided in one friend, another church member, Defendants directed her to be quiet.” 


Dara is three years younger than her older sister.  Dara was 12 years old in 1987 when the older sister told Peggy about the abuse.  Similar to other allegations in the SAC, the directive “to be quiet” was not a reasonable attempt to contain the matter until law enforcement and Child Protective Services could do their job.  No, this appears an attempt to silence Dara in order to shield her father from detection.  

Complaint 50  

“Defendants tried to intimidate Peggy, warning her that her means of financial support would disappear if David Adams was convicted, and tried to persuade her not to press charges.  After Peggy refused to acquiesce in Defendants’ attempt to obstruct justice, Defendants dropped all pretense of support, and expelled the family from the Church.  Defendants also effectively expelled the children from school by denying them the reduced tuition that the family had received for over ten years.  Defendants told Peggy that the family’s financial destitution was self-induced because she was refusing to cooperate.” 


First, Defendants Mahaney, Loftness, Ricucci, et al., should have helped Peggy Adams secure the services of a lawyer if needed in order to prosecute her husband.  They did just the opposite according to the factual allegations.    

Second, they should have done all in their power to help her press charges and make the case against David Adams knowing judicial consequences are vital in helping to reform a sexual pervert.  Remember, Adams abused his legally adopted daughter for 3-4 years until caught.  Previous to that he abused an 8-10 year old boy according to Complaint 32.  Either sex, male or female, was game according to the allegations and we don’t know how many additional victims of his may still be out there.  

Third, Covenant Life Church should have done everything necessary to financially support Peggy and the daughters.  Instead, they experienced “financial destitution” but it was not “self-induced.”  It was inflicted upon them.  Peggy and Dara Adams paid dearly for “refusing to cooperate” with a conspiracy to cover up sex crimes.  

It doesn’t matter what happens in a civil court or in a criminal court in the future; Joshua Harris and his staff must thoroughly investigate all these allegations and provide a full accounting to Covenant Life Church regarding the actions of Mahaney, Loftness, Ricucci and others.  Restitution should be voluntarily provided. 

Complaint 51  

“After David Adams was convicted and served his jail time, Defendants welcomed him back into the Church without taking any effective steps to prevent him from having continued access to children.”  


David Adams’ worked out a plea bargain with the District Attorney which included not having his name put on the sex registry when he got out of jail in 1990.  That is no longer allowed under the law.  All convicted sex offenders go on the registry now.  In so doing, he avoided public accountability and thereby posed a greater risk to the church and community.    

C.J. Mahaney, the senior pastor, should have informed parents that Adams was a convicted felon who served time for being a sex abuser so members could take precautionary measures to protect their children.  

Complaint 52  

“In August 2011, Defendants continued their conspiracy, both in terms of covering up the past and in providing David Adams access to children.  Defendants permitted church members to send their children to a sleepover at the Adams home without advising them that Adams had been convicted for molesting his stepdaughter [technically his adopted daughter, not stepdaughter].  Defendant did not implement any precautions to prevent David Adams from having access to the children who were sleeping at his home." 


This is utterly unacceptable if true and shows no change in policy at Covenant Life Church as of August 2011.  It means sex offenders are still being protected and children are needlessly being put at risk.  

There must be strict accountability in the church for sex offenders given their notorious deceit, the destructive nature of their crimes, their voracious appetite for victims, and their renown ability to feign repentance.  It is not enough to follow them around on a Sunday morning because there are so many other venues (like sleepovers) in which a sex abuser can operated.  Parents must be alerted!  It is by far the best safe guard against abuse!     

Alcoholics (or others with addictive patterns of sin) are like pedophiles in one sense.  The temptation to abuse alcohol never leaves.  That’s why you don’t take a recovering alcoholic into a drunken bar or invite them over to party and drink.  People are instructed in Scripture to flee temptation.  

Nor do you give a “recovering” pedophile private access to unsuspecting children away from the supervision of their parents.  That presents such a tempting environment for a sex offender.  What parent would risk sending their child on a sleepover in David Adams’ home if they knew about his sex crimes?  

Furthermore, every contrite sex offender should ask their pastors to alert the church to their past crimes.  In so doing, an offender is asking for accountability realizing he will be tempted to repeat his sins in the future.  I am not negating the power of the gospel but I am taking serious the power of indwelling sin.  The temptation to abuse children never goes away for the offender.  

Moreover, I’ve yet to hear a story where a sex offender voluntarily confessed to the victim, the victim’s family, his pastors and then turned himself into law enforcement of his own volition.  Inevitably offenders are caught or pressured into a confession once suspected.  

The shame experienced by the public disclosure is a necessary consequence for the offenders actions and serves a redemptive purpose.  I would not trust any sex offender who refused to share his/her offenses with church members.  

Complaint 53  

“Those who voiced concerns were told they were ‘slandering’ Adams and needed to keep quiet.” 


Those who “voiced concerns” were faithful sheep trying to protect little lambs.  The accusation of gossip and slander is a common intimidation tactic employed by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  It has been repeatedly used as a means to discredit godly witnesses and their evidence.  On this basis, SGM leaders and pastors have forbid members access to the truth, sometimes under the threat of church discipline, in order to cover up their corruption and criminal activity.       

Complaint 54   

“Defendant Ricucci - openly and in front of church members willing to testify at trial - called David Adams ‘his hero.’” 


David Adams is a felon and convicted sex abuser who greatly harmed his family, not a hero. 

Complaint 55  

“David Adams and Nathaniel Morales were not the only pedophiles being protected by the Individual Defendants’ ongoing conspiracy and the Institutional Defendants’ gross negligence.” 


This is another very important statement.  The Plaintiffs’ lawyers would never make such an allegation unless they have evidence that proves their point.  Other alleged pedophiles operating in Covenant Life Church include John Loftness, Stephen Griney, Mark Hoffman, and Dave Mayo but this reference is not limited to them.  There are others and their crimes have been also been covered up.     


The Central Question 

It took me a while to figure out the ultimate answer to the most important question regarding the conspiracy.  That is, why?  Why cover up for sex abusers?  Why not involve law enforcement?  Why not cooperate with detectives?  Why obstruct justice by misleading investigators?  Why endanger children and not alert parents?  Why hire a lawyer to protect a sex abuser?  Why devastate and silence victims and families?  Why enlist six different law firms to fight like hell to prevent a jury trial?  

The answers to these questions vary depending on the Individual Defendant but I think they share a couple reasons in common.  First, the Defendants can’t tell the truth without being removed from the ministry because they don’t qualify.  They are protecting their livelihood.  Two, the Defendants can’t tell the truth without being prosecuted for failing to report sex crimes, obstructing justice, and endangering children.  They are trying to avoid jail time. 

But in the case of Defendant Loftness and Defendant Ricucci and probably others, it is far more serious!  Of course, Loftness is accused of physically and sexually abusing Plaintiff Jessica Roberts-Thomas and Plaintiff Heather Thompson Bryan (see John Loftness in Focus – Former Chairman of the SGM Board & Alleged Sexual Sadist) but that’s not all.  He and Ricucci are alleged to have worked with Stephen Griney, the Covenant Life school teacher, in carrying out a conspiracy to actually commit sex crimes, not just cover them up.  Consider the following allegations of fact. 

Victims:  Jessica Roberts-Thomas, Heather Thompson Bryant, Third Unnamed Girl
Complaint:  90
Location:  Covenant Life School – Empty Class Room
Timeframe:  1985/1986
Ages:  Jessica – age 7, Heather – age 5
Alleged Abusers:  John Loftness, Stephen Griney, Gary Ricucci 

90.  During the 1985/1986 school year, Defendant Loftness, Griney and Defendant Ricucci brought Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas into an empty room with two other girls.  Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas recognized the girls, one of whom was Plaintiff Thompson. (The other is not being named here to protect her privacy.)  Defendants directed the girls to strip off their underwear, and lay across desks.  Defendant Loftness beat Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas on her bare buttocks.  Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas heard the unnamed girl crying, and saw Griney hitting her on her bare buttocks.  Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas turned over her shoulder to look for Plaintiff Thompson, and realized Defendant Ricucci had taken her out of the room.  Defendant Loftness continued to beat Plaintiff Thomas-Roberts’ bare buttocks, and then he inserted his fingers into her vagina. 


This allegation of fact asserts that Loftness, Ricucci and Griney conspired together in the physical and sexual assault of at least two girls.  We don’t know what happen when Ricucci took Plaintiff Thompson “out of the room” but we do know he “directed the girls to strip off their underwear” according to the account.  These three girls knew one another and the unnamed girl appears to be cooperating with the Plaintiffs’ lawyer and I assume with law enforcement.  Her name is withheld to “protect her privacy.”  If the event occurred as described, the testimony of these three women should result in indictments.  

Stephen Griney is by far the worst sadist and pedophile alleged in the Second Amended Complaint (see C56-80, 88, 90, 92).  He is also alleged to have recruited and trained juveniles in order to commit sex crimes.  It is frightening to imagine how many children were molested as a result of this conspiracy between Griney, Loftness, and Ricucci if the allegations of fact are true. 

Victims:  Heather Thompson Bryant, Two Other Girls
Complaint:  59
Location:  Covenant Life School – Room in School
Timeframe:  1985-1986
Age:  5
Alleged Abusers:  John Loftness, Stephen Griney, a Third Person 

59.  On one occasion during the 1985/1986 school year, Defendant Loftness, Griney and a third person isolated Plaintiff Thompson along with two other girls attending the school.  Defendants took the children to a room within the school, and directed them to take off their underwear.  Defendant Loftness pulled a plastic rod along Plaintiff Thompson’s left leg and through her vagina.  He then began to hit her bottom. 


This allegation has Loftness working with Griney and “a third person” which could be Ricucci [I’ve confirmed this is in reference to him].  These three men “isolated” three girls by taking them to “a room within the school” where they “directed them to take off their underwear.”  We don’t know if the “two other girls” are Plaintiff Jessica Roberts-Thomas and the unnamed girl in C90 or two different individuals. [I’ve confirmed this is a reference to Roberts-Thomas and the unnamed girl in C90.  C59 and C90 are talking about the same three girls.] 

After the supposed stripping the alleged molestation of Heather Thompson-Bryant by Loftness follows.  We are not told what else happens to the other girls.  If the account is true, and the “two other girls” are cooperating with police, the testimony of these three girls should be sufficient to secure a guilty verdict against all three men.

Victim:  Jessica Roberts-Thomas
Complaints:  87
Location:  Covenant Life School – Separate Room with a Window
Timeframe:  1983/1984
Age:  5
Alleged Abuser:  John Loftness 

87.  During the 1983/1984 school year, Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas was five years old and in kindergarten.  At that time, Defendant Loftness was serving as the School principal as well as serving as a pastor in CLC.  Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas was in kindergarten at the school, with Griney as her teacher.  Defendant Loftness entered the class, and took Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas out of class and to a separate room that had a window.  There was a man unknown to Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas standing outside the window watching her and Defendant Loftness.  Defendant Loftness directed Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas to bend over the desk and pull down her underwear.  Defendant Loftness stood silently behind Plaintiff Roberts-Thomas for quite some time.  Then Defendant Loftness began to beat Plaintiff with a white cord for a lengthy period of time.  Defendant Loftness stopped beating Plaintiff Thompson-Roberts [Roberts-Thomas] and she tried to pull up her underwear.  Defendant Loftness directed her not to do so, and walked away, leaving Plaintiff there for quite some time.  Defendant Loftness returned, and began hitting Plaintiff again with the white cord.  Defendant Loftness then inserted the white cord into her vagina. 


Per the account, Loftness appears to be working with Griney in the removal of Roberts-Thomas from the classroom in order to physically and sexually assault her.  There is also a reference to “a man unknown” who could be Gary Ricucci.  He would have been unknown to Jessica Roberts-Thomas when she was entering kindergarten as a 5 year old.  Loftness and the unknown man coordinated their activities.     


The Ultimate Answer to “Why a Conspiracy?” 

Here’s the picture that emerges according to the Second Amended Complaint.  Loftness and Ricucci conspired with Adams and Morales in concealing their crimes.  Loftness and Ricucci conspired with Griney in committing crimes.  Griney conspired with Hoffman in committing crimes.  Hoffman and Mayo molested Plaintiff Heather Thompson-Bryant.  

There are many more dots that could be connected to illustrate the alleged conspiracy at Covenant Life Church but that is enough for now.  Loftness, Ricucci, Adams, Morales, Griney, Hoffman, Mayo and others could easily have been working together to conceal and commit sex crimes according to the factual allegations. 

So what is the ultimately answer to the why question in the case of Defendant Loftness and Defendant Ricucci.  It is shockingly obvious!


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[i] Originally, I said there were seven students in the Pastors College.  There are nine.  I corrected myself today (Aug 6) having just reviewed a previous post.  It read, “Blind to the irony, SGM recently highlighted the nine students attending the upcoming Pastors College after 15 years of operation.  Six of the nine men come from churches led or overseen by a former or current SGM Board of Director.  Hint!  Moreover during the last fiscal year, $871,394 was spent on the Pastors College according to the Audited Financial Statement just released.  That is incomprehensible.  The Pastors College is now a failure by all objective measures.” (“They Love Praised from Men More Than Praise from God,” February 1, 2013)


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