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John Loftness Resigns as Chairman of the SGM Board

John Loftness has resigned because “The time required in chairing the Sovereign Grace Board added to John’s already full schedule in both serving his church as well as caring for members of his extended family who are in poor health.”  In stepping down, he plans to “give himself anew to serving those in his extended family and in his church” according to the announcement. 

John is the foremost Defendant mentioned in the Class Action Lawsuit against Sovereign Grace Ministries.  The press release makes no mention of this as a reason for stepping down.   

Under John’s Chairmanship, C.J. was returned as President of SGM.  John famously wrote, 

“This comprehensive process has clearly confirmed C.J.’s fitness to lead and his exceptional character as he has graciously endured major trials.  Through all of this he has been found to be a man and a minister of fundamental integrity.  We know of no one who is better suited for the office of President.” (June 28, 2012)  

The process by which C.J. was evaluated was anything but comprehensive.  Ninety five percent of my charges were never examined and no charges by anyone else were ever examined.  It was a corrupt and unjust process from beginning to end.      

Craig Cabaniss, senior pastor of Grace Church in Frisco, TX also stepped down from the Board of Directors two weeks ago in order “to focus on the church.” The SGM Board makes no mention of this in the announcement regarding John’s resignation.   

These two resignations leave 7 men on the 9 man Board.  Paul Buckley, the Vice Chairman, will assume the role of Chairman.


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