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Judge Rules Nate Morales Is Fit to Take the Stand

Great news. Yesterday, there was important hearing in Maryland before a Judge who heard testimony regarding Nate Morales' mental state. For the past 6 months the Defense has been trying to get the case dropped or keep Morales off the witness stand if it went to trial by claiming he is "not criminally responsible" (NCR). That was the reason for all the delays.

The Judged ruled that Morales is fit to take the stand. Morales is a con artist - all sex abusers are - this was a ploy to get off the hook. Thank God he is still on the hook. It is an answer to the prayers of many. Before the "insanity" defense, Morales' lawyer tried to argue that all Morales did was unintentionally touch some boys who misinterpreted his actions. That got nowhere but the District Attorney had to overcome the argument.

Where you have sex abuse you always have lies and cover up. Morales is the tip of the iceberg.


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