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Nathaniel Morales Found Guilty on All Counts of Sex Abuse & Offense

The Jury has returned it's verdict. Nathaniel Morales was found guilty on all five counts of sex abuse and sex offense.

There are two more trials scheduled for next week against Morales for the sexual abuse of other boys. I don't know if he will plead guilty, work a plea deal, or make a defense now that he has been found guilty. I hope it goes to trial because more evidence exposing the conspiracy at Covenant Life Church will come out.

Morales showed no emotion when the verdict was read. His first known victim for which he has yet to be tried was in 1979. He has known guilt for 35 years.

Sentencing is scheduled for August 14 at 9:30 AM. Morales is facing a maximum sentence of 85 years in prison.

WJLA ABC News 7 in Washington D.C. has been providing excellent coverage.  Here is a video and article, "Nathaniel Morales of Covenant Life Church Convicted of Abusing Young Boys." 

Postscript - 05/18/14 

Morales' lawyer, Alan Drew has appeal the verdict.  That is typical.  I've been told there is very little chance the appeal will be granted.  The appeal means the two other trials of Morales will go forward this week.  That is a good thing.  More evidence will come out.

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