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Statements by Sovereign Grace Ministries and Covenant Life Church on Reported Lawsuit

Statement by Sovereign Grace Ministries on Reported Lawsuit
October 17, 2012 

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Today, Sovereign Grace Ministries Director of Finance and Administration, Tommy Hill, released the statement below regarding a reported lawsuit on October 17, 2012: 

It has come to the attention of Sovereign Grace Ministries through media outlets that a lawsuit has been filed against Sovereign Grace Ministries related to allegations of child abuse apparently arising in the 1980s and 90s.  To date, Sovereign Grace Ministries has not been served with any such lawsuit nor does it have a copy of the lawsuit.  Sovereign Grace Ministries is not in a position to comment on the allegations of the reported lawsuit.  Child abuse in any context is reprehensible and criminal.  Sovereign Grace Ministries takes seriously the Biblical commands to pursue the protection and well being of all people, especially the most vulnerable in its midst, little children.

Sovereign Grace Ministries is a family of over 80 churches, primarily in the United States with the goal of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ both locally and globally.

For more information, please contact Tommy Hill at


Statement by Covenant Life Church on Reported Lawsuit
October 18, 2012  

Dear Church Family, 

Our pastoral team became aware yesterday afternoon of an Associated Press article stating that a lawsuit has been filed in Maryland against Sovereign Grace Ministries. The article, which has been picked up by other media outlets, suggests that the lawsuit may name not only our church but a number of other defendants, including several current or former pastors of Sovereign Grace churches. The article says that "the plaintiffs allege a conspiracy to conceal sexual abuse committed by church members" (against minors) in the 1980s and 1990s. 

In response, Sovereign Grace Ministries released a statement late yesterday.  As of this writing, Covenant Life Church has not been served with or received a copy of the complaint, so we have no details to offer at this time, and are not able to speak to the lawsuit's allegations. But we wanted to get word out to you, so you might pray for all involved. 

Until we see the lawsuit we can't speculate about what might be alleged.  But we can affirm unequivocally that child abuse in any context is evil and deplorable.  Covenant Life Church cares deeply about the care and protection of children. We have labored very hard over the years to protect the safety and well-being of the children we care for, counsel, and instruct. 

We will work to trust and honor the Lord as the situation unfolds. We very much appreciate your prayers for all who are affected by this. We will try to keep you informed as we learn more. 

Grace to you, 

Joshua Harris


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